Based on ‘Downtown’ by Tony Hatch (Beauchamp)

Where can you go when life is making you lonely
and you're feeling low? Doynton!
When you got worry, all the mud and the slurry
seems to help, I know – Doynton!
Just listen to the lowing of the cattle in the valley,
walk beside the Sewage Works, and find a spot to dally
down by the Boyd.

The stars are much brighter there,
there ain't no ozone pollution, no sodium glare,
Down at Doynton – ponder infinity –
Doynton – at Holy Trinity,
Doynton – best village this side of Chew.

Nothing can cheer you like the sight of a deer
at nearby Dyrham Park – Doynton!
Get out your box and spend some time at Wick Rocks:
it always hits the mark – Doynton!
Just listen to the whisper of the breezes through the grasses:
to get to feeling more serene you'll need more yoga classes
than you can buy.

The Cross House will welcome you,
You can drown all of your woes in a bitter or two
down at Doynton, sample the atmosphere,
Doynton – and tasty local beer,
Doynton – you'll never want to go home.

[Instrumental break]

From Dyrham to Cold Ashton and from Pucklechurch to Hinton,
From Wick to Upton Cheyney and from Bridge Yate up to Siston,
Everyone knows . . .

. . . the place off the beaten path
you want's a village halfway between Bristol and Bath.
Down at Doynton, you'll feel at home, down at
Doynton – no need to race the rats,
Doynton – best village this side of Chew

Alex Ball

These lyrics are released under a Creative Commons Attribution–Non-Commercial licence.