I went to see the A-Team movie last Wednesday. The entry 'How to solve a problem' on the Musings page is not entirely coincidental.


I've added a new page of Tips and tricks, mainly so I don't forget them.


As you may be able to detect, I haven't done much to this site since my laptop went screwy in February 2008. This hasn't been for technical reasons – I managed to get my local version of the site up and running on my new Linux installation surprisingly easily – it's just that the muse hasn't struck.

Now, I've decided to do a clean upgrade of the operating system on my laptop. This is partly because there are whizzier things you can do with a fresh install than you could a year ago, partly because I suspect there are a few oddities on my system arising from the move from KDE3 to KDE4, and partly because there are certainly some oddities on my system arising from me trying to get it to co-operate with the systems at work, something for which I now have a different machine. This time, I thought, I'll actually keep a record of all the things I do to settle into my new operating system, so it'll be easier to roll back changes or redo them if I decide to do another fresh installation later on. And so, you can follow my progress in installing Kubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope" on my laptop on the weakly-named page On a Jaunt. Of course, I should really do this on an actual blog, but it'll do for now.


I've had my own version of the Eurovision Song Contest drinking game hidden on the site for a while, but I think it's now ready for public consumption, so I've tidied it up and provided a link to it. I've also put up another page called Musings for various random jottings.

Also, for a laugh, I've uploaded another song: ‘Stuffing my face with chocolate’, which struck me as a rather more practical spin on the original song.


I have now found a nice easy way of generating the whole static site from the PHP and MySQL sources, while keeping the links intact in both versions. Thus I have now been able to upload the new version of the Aleth Crafts catalogue.

I have also been thinking about the content of the site, swapping out the frankly pretty tedious weblog page for this equally tedious but slightly less pointless page. Also new is the ‘Doynton’ song, which I was inspired to write after hearing ‘Downtown’ on the radio whilst following a Downton lorry down the motorway, shortly before driving past Doynton on the way into Bath.


I have completed a MySQL backend for generating the Aleth Crafts catalogue pages. Without a simple way of generating a complete set of static pages from the one dynamic page, however, I'm holding off going live with it.


Due to some major changes in the way Internet Explorer renders pages, the delicate concoction of style rules that governed this site fails to work in IE7. I have taken the opportunity to improve both the page markup and the system of style sheets used in the site, as well as making it work for IE7 too. For details, see the Colophon page.

Up until now, the site was coded using the poor man's answer to server-side includes, includeHTML. I now use an offline web server and PHP to generate the pages, although since we're on bargain basement hosting, the site you see is still only static pages.


The Aleth Crafts mini-site is now online. I've written it completely manually but one day I hope to use a database backend.


First version of the site uploaded! (Actually, I didn't keep a record of when I first put up this site, so this is a guess based on when I finished preparing the online versions of the wedding pictures.)